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phone bill? or, how a hospital in texas could drive up your health care premium. i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >>> al jazeera's anchor john seigenthaler suffered a personal lose that many sell. his father john seigenthaler passed away at the age of 86. he made a mark in joumpism and shaped civil rites movement. paul beban has the story. >> reporter: champion for civil rites, advisor to the kennedys, and meant or to young al gore. john seigenthaler senior was a journalist, confident apt and witness to watershed moments in our nation's history. born in nashville in 1927 he was a vor ashes reader, chasing stories at an early age, becoming editor-in-chief of his high school paper. after serving in the air force and marrying he landed a job at the tennesseean where he would be made editor. under john seigenthaler the paper was fearless and hard-hitting - whether upcovering corruption in the crownion, exposing the klux or aggressively covering the fight to end segregation. he had a love for news, and for politics. he was part of the kennedy family's
who is a kind of substitute mother figure. >> host: first golfer u.s. from kathy from montgomery texas on our republican line. you are on with edward klein. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i'm so happy that you wrote this book and i just want to make a comment. they went overboard thanking barack obama would save them at the end of the day like bill clinton did for him at the dnc when he made that ridiculous speech dealing with the devil. thank you. >> guest: that's an interesting question. you know it's interesting that bill clinton has been taking some soundings in various states across the united states with democratic party chairman building a support team for hillary in 2016. he has told his friends and associates that when he speaks to his party chairman, these these democrats coming learns that the obama administration, the political people in the obama is have been there as well and that they are looking for what bill clinton called a mini-me, a clone of obama someone who will come out of nowhere and challenge hillary for the 2016 democratic nomination. so i'm bill clint
have to wonder who is the crazy one. >> absolutely. we are dealing with is firsthand here in texas. and so what they have been able to do is to teach these people to say that they are fleeing an abusive parent, which gives them the right to come in and stay in this country. but the people that are being bussed in, they are saying these children are heard, they are fleeing, they need help. only one to of the people being bussed in our children. so let's talk about this for a second. some as young as eight years old are being processed as child refugees. some of these people have even admitted to helping this. >> there are legitimate stress cases and i will even try to buy that, but what i won't buy is this notion that if you are against spending more money to address the problem, you are somehow talentless. so the war on poverty, the guy said stop this because they're just as many hungry americans. and that guy is callous. >> monies with the liberals want to throw at us. it's what they claim that they will fix the problems with. he wants to blame for the problem with the latest in f
family in a deadly assault in texas. her promise of finding peace after the darkest of times.
in texas, now being hailed a hero. her family's message to the community who has offered them so much support. >>> and we're watching a breezy evening around the bay area right now. your sunday forecast is starting to look warmer with some 80s back in san jose. 75 in oakland tomorrow. and 90s in the tri-valley. more details on that weekend warm-up when we come back. >>> thousands of people turned out on the streets of san francisco today to call for the end to israeli attacks in the palestine territory. demonstrators waved palestinian flags and signs as they made their way along market street. the arab youth organization organized the protest. they are calling for the end of israeli attacks in palestine territory and specifically calling on the u.s. to end their support of israel. police have not reported any problems and the protests remained largely peaceful. >>> a developing story in the middle east where israel is warning thousands of palestinians to leave their homes. israel tonight is telling residents to evacuate northern gaza, promising a barrage of missile strikes over 24 hou
and cited for trespassing. the governor never responded to their letter. >> like in north carolina, texas leaders have also rejected the federal funds for expansion. we traveled there to see what it means for the state with the nation's highest rate of uninsured. >> texas was one of the first states to say no. today i stand with senator cornyn, senator cruz, congressman barton and congressman burgess to repeat our stance. texas will not be participating in medicaid expansion. >> would you consider expanding a broken system? of course not. of course not. it's like a drug dealer. you give em your first hit free and then they're hooked for years and years. >> in galveston, on the state's gulf coast -22 percent of the population lives below the poverty line-well above the national average. >> in 2008, hurricane ike devastated the poorest communities here. some people lost everything they had and never fully recovered. >> an eight-foot wall of water flooded this entire part of the island and took this neighborhood, which was historically a very poor neighborhood, and really exacerbated all of
. democrats and republicans alike blasting president obama for his planned trip to texas tomorrow. the white house saying at this hour that he will not visit the border, nor the facilities overflowing with illegal immigrant children. instead, president obama will be spending his time fund-raising in dallas and austin. here is press secretary, josh earnest, trying to spin away the president's seemingly ambivalent attitude about the crisis that is largely of his own making. >> the president is well aware what is happening on the border. of and what we are focused on right now are not political statements that would be made with a -- with an appearance. but rather with specific, concrete action. >> texas republicans claim the president is simply trying to avoid a negative photo op, and the media mal strom that would follow. >> if he's down there with pictures of thousands of children in jail cells designed for, say, 400 people, and you've got 2,000 there, it's not a good image. >> if it's a national emergency, which i agree it is, why is the president raising money for two days in texas and ref
. >>> president obama back in washington after a trip to texas. he didn't go to the border but met with governor perry. perry insists more needs to be done to address what he feels is the main issue. and that is border security and send the national guard in and keep the illegal imgrants out of the u.s. congress is considering the president's request for $4 billion to help deal with the immigrants, tens of thousands of people who flooded in the u.s. from central america, many of them uncompanied children. molly, back in washington. molly, does the president want to send national guard troops to the border? >> no, he doesn't. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry said that would stem the crisis write away. the president did not go to the border but met with governor perry. perry wants the president to stem the humanitarian crisis on the border by calling the pentagon. >> the president of the united states can pick up the phone to the dod and direct 1,000 national guard troops. that would send a message that the board is secower. if we secure the borders, all of the issues dwindle and diminish.
assault in texas. her promise of finding peace after the darkest of times. >>> good evening and thank you for joining us. david is off tonight. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with that terrifying flight in the middle of the pacific ocean. one of the most remote spots on the planet. the pilot making an emergency landing on an island so small, it'sinhabited by birds. the passengers walking away from the plane in the dark when it finally touched down. then, waiting hours until another plane could come to their rescue. abc's brandi hitt has the latest on the drama in the air. >> reporter: it's one the worst places you can imagine for a midair emergency. >> i looked at my wife, i said, i love you, and i kissed her. and we told each other good-bye. because we tught we were going to die. >> reporter: the boeing 777 was traveling from hawaii to guam thursday, when 2 1/2 hours into the flight, the plane was forced to turn around. because the crew and passengers say a strange burning smell took over the cabin. >> there was smoke in the back of the plane, smoke in the cockpit. >> reporter: passengers w
, texas. >> reporter: late in the afternoon as the light begins to fade, the immigrant wave into south texas picks up again. as more families and unaccompanied children from central america seek new lives in the united states. for the u.s. border patrol, it is a daily rhythm. on this afternoon, we're along as they find a group of mothers and kids from honduras who traveled 13 days before crossing the rio grande. among them, a nervous little girl, 7-year-old amy, who says she is alone here without relatives, hoping to find her mother in the united states. when asked where her mother lives, she doesn't know but says it is written on a piece of paper. at first she can't final it in her clothing bag. but then remembers with great relief, it is in her back pocket and gives it to the agents. >> north carolina. prior to about a week ago, we were seeing amy -- young children like amy, probably 250 times a day. now we see roughly about 150 times a day. >> reporter: a few miles east in an area known as devil's corner, we find a much larger group from honduras, el salvador and guatemala. their tr
that the president goes to texas for a fund-raiser and photo op, but not visit our border. communities are suffering, our immigration policy appears in disarray. he should be in the white house preparing a speech to the nation. >> congressman, i respect all of that. it doesn't answer my question. what was the logic of treating kids different from mexico than from central america. could you answer that? >> it is my understanding buried within the '08 law, it allows the president to negotiate with the central american countries. repatriotuation agreements. that hasn't happened. there may be a need to fix that portion of the law so that aspect of the dynamic which fostered the conditions for the surge of children can stop. the first thing that needs to happen is leadership. if i would suggest to the president, he send national guard troops to the border to help back up the border control and get the situation under control. continue to suggest and say clearly any person here illegally will be sent home quickly. third, work and demand from the governments of guatemala and honduras and el salvador, that
and continue to make the same mistakes. >> the president flew to texas this week and met with governor rick perry. perry wants the president to get a handle on this, quote, humanitarian crisis by sending in national guard troops to help secure the border. the white house said it doesn't want to take that step. >> sending 1,000 national guardsmen to the border is not an enduring solution. that's almost by definition temporary. so again, if we're into symbols here and if symbolism is what we're looking for, the best symbol that we could send is to authorize the deployment of 20,000 additional law enforcement officials to the border. >> reporter: as for the $3.7 billion package for the border, the white house says it's open to working with congress on it, but insists the president has been, quote, very clear about what his spending priorities are for this crisis. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thanks so much for that report. >>> you know, first it was the u.s. allegedly listening in on german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. now there is more friction between our country and one of our stro
at home with an aggressive outpatient program. the onlyaring from survivor of a shootg in texas that killed six family members. she was the only person to survive the shooting spree that killed her parents and four siblings. a bullet grazed cassidy's head. she played dead and called 911. >> happiness can be found even in the darke of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. i know that my mom, dad, rebecca, emily and rick are in a much better place and i will be able to see them one day. >> her uncle is charged with six counts of murder. police say cassidy's call to 911 the likely saved the lives of her grandparents as well as other family members. made an unscheduled landing in utah after it was struck by lightning. it could not return to denver so it landed in salt lake city. no one on the flight was injured. there was another scare in the air, this time in the middle of the pacific. a united airlines triple seven made an emergency landing on midway island after a strange smell filled the cabin. passengers said they also heard loud, rattling sounds. adway island was t
news" is moving tribute from the only survivor of the shooting rampage in texas. three days since investigators say cassidy stays parents and sibling where is killed by her uncle in law and today the teenager honored her loved ones in a very special way. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live from the satellite center with more on that story, kenneth. >> reporter: let me remine thaw cassidy stays pretended to be dead after she and her family members, were shot. police say that her actions saved lives and today, she was back at the school of her brothers and sisters attendance for that special memorial services. >> ♪ >> reporter: standing strong and surrounded by so many loved ones in her muse ton community 15 year-old cassidy stay publicly remembered her parents and sibling, who were gunned down, just days ago. >> i'm really thankful for all of the people that have been praying for me and keeping me and my family in their thoughts. >> reporter: investigators say wednesday, three three-year old ron haskill executed his ex-wife sister katie stay, her husband steven and their
cornyn. this was part of the statement that senator cornyn made after president obama was down in texas, meeting with governor perry and others. requested 3.7has billion dollars from congress. when will they finally hold a hearing on that? bethat is still to determined. they are not thrilled with that amount. hal rogers thinks that number is way too high. a number of texas republicans are not feeling any rush to fund that request as is. they will go through with the normal appropriations in regular order and look to see what has been allocated, what needs to be allocated immediately. even if the $3.7 billion figure tooight or whether it is high. that will continue to be a huge source of debate for democrats and republicans next week. democraticthe week, leaders unveiled their response to the supreme court's hobby lobby decision. this is the tweet from senator reid. >> house democrats would essentially overrule the supreme court decision in the hobby lobby case that says that for profit businesses with religious exemptions do not need to provide some forms of birth control under their in
children travel from texas to california with their families that are working, they areability, you know, carry their curriculum and whatever level they are at so that they don't lose their education. >> let's keep it out because you keep remilding us that california has a lot of legal guarantees. if you are picking cherries inwic or appear eldz in michigan or peaches in south carolina, what about those kids? are they protected in any way? >> no. i don't believe that they are. and in fact, lucille roybal, since the last congress, to try to, you know, equate at the national level what we have in california in terms of the wamingz and the ages of the children to work in the fields and again, her bill hasn't been able to pass. so, you know, a lot has to do with who you like to get through the legislation to protect workers. we can't do it if we have people in the congress that don't really care about working people, whether they are farm workers or any other kind of workers. we have to understand that if we do not vote, if we do not engage, if we do not learn and study who is running for of
's the biggest fight of the summer in washington and a huge crisis for border states like texas, new mexico, arizona, and california, but who are these immigrants? where are they coming from? and why do you even need to care? here's a quick look at the crisis before we dig deep with cnn reporters. >> decade the ago the word of immigration conjured up boats at ellis island and the statue of liberty. today it's a different story. the issue is more heated and more politicized and more complicated. immigrants are entering the u.s. from every corn, miami to seattle, l.a. to new york and especially along the mexican border. we're talking more than 40 million immigrants in the united states right now both legally and illegally. that's roughly 13% of our population making america the number one destination on earth for immigrants. so, who are these new arrivals? well, about a quarter or 11 million are undocumented. a number that's increased almost year by year since 2000 of those who become legal residents you'd probably guess a lot of them are from mexico. you'd be right, 14%. but you might be sur
. they won't do that. when boehner says he'll sue him, come on. they going time peach him? the guy from texas is the only guy that signed on to that. there's more here than just taking it too easy. >> he's not doing his job. either he doesn't understand or care about constitution which is weird as a constitutional attorney. bob, it would take one quick fix in the law that's on the books to handle this situation at the border, at least the court and deportation issue. there's no effort by this administration to do any of that. >> you know what he needs? in every movie the main character has a best friend that comes over and tells him all the thing he needs hear to get the girl back. he has less friends than e. coli. he doesn't have anybody in his circle saying dude time for an intervention, you're scaring the crap out of the country, you have to stop playing pool. time for an intervention. but the groupies in the media won't help him. >> maybe valerie jarrett can. >> we so happen to have a couple of people that he should start listening to. here's mark halperin first. >> how does that speech,
obama is back in d.c. from his trip to texas. while there he did not visit the border or any of the overflowing detention centers but the president is asking for nearly $4 billion from congress in emergency funding to deal with the crisis as tensions rise and border communities forced to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants from central america. molly is live in washington with the latest. molly, do you know the president was going to be able to get congress to sign on to the spending package for the border that he is asking for? >> probably not with $3.7 billion price tag for things like more immigration judges and more detention centers. some republicans say that is too much money to spend without securing the border first. the white house acknowledges the president's spending package faces a tough battle in congress. >> we are open to working with democrats and republicans in congress to get this done. the thing that i would point out, though, is that the president has moved quickly. to be very clear about what specifically needs to be funded. and we would like to see
them. this was just auctioned off about three weeks ago in texas. i hadn't seen it before that. and then as justice ginsburg said, she brings her legal career nearly to a close although she actually appears in a rather interesting case involving a woman committed to st. elizabeth's after this but she wins for her clients a faction of the eastern cherokee a share of a $5 million judgment before the supreme court in 1906. this is a case that began 30 years before. so if we sort of prorated what she received here, it would be smal dollars. she was 75 at the time. on her i think this was on her birthday when she was 84 a newspaper editor from upstate new york asked her about women in politics. and she talked about women in the house and the senate remember jeanette rankance becomes the first woman there in 1916. and addressing the question of a woman as president she says that it will happen if a woman demonstrates that she is fitted to be president. it will be entirely on her own merits, however, no movement can place her there si
. >> thank you. i appreciate it very much. i am from austin, texas. we pride ourselves on our live music. but after last night's show, i know who is the king. there is no doubt where hundred music is centered. thank you, governor,, hospitality. there is no doubt where country music is centered. i'm here to talk with you about one of the most critical issues we face as a nation. that is the battle for talent. thank you for your leadership on gae in g-8 initiative -- n initiative and congratulations on the progress you have made in a coma -- in oklahoma. you are providing a powerful example on how states can do with the disconnect. you are helping to show states how to improve the way jobseekers are matched to jobs based on skills and competencies, not just job descriptions and resumes. it is very leading edge. governor hickenlooper, i would like to recognize colorado for doing a great job with the blueprint that ties together agencies, is mrs., education, and workforce development. -- businesses, education, and workforce development. that will be crucial to attacking the workforce challen
obama visited texas this week and addressed the surge of adults and unaccompanied children who are crossing into the united states illegally. over the past ten months, 52,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the u.s. mexican border with three-fourths of them originating in hon dur ross, guatemala and el salvador. local tension centers in texas, arizona and california have be overwhelmed by the influx. attempts at housing the immigrants elsewhere in the country have been met with resistance and protests. president obama on his fund raising trip to dallas, texas, delined to visit the somewhat distant texas, mexico border. and was criticized by both republicans and democrats for failing to do so. after all, he had air force one. but he dismissed the visit nonetheless. >> there's nothing that is taking place down there that i am not intimately aware of and briefed on. this isn't theatre. this is a problem. i'm not interested in photo op, i'm interested in solveing the problem. >> the president says this knowing that texas governor rick perry wanted the nation's leader to stee co
, we're also seeing another piece of legislation being introduced next week by texas senator john cornyn, a republican. of course texas a border state as well. he's partnering with a democratic congressman who, as you mentioned, has been critical of the obama administration. but moves on several several front, miguel. so i wouldn't call that over just yet. the challenge will be getting the house republican leadership to bring a bill to the floor. but we are going to be seeing a number of efforts come up in the next couple of weeks. >> well, those house republicans are always so easy to convince about getting things to the floor. but immigration is always a very tough question. democrats, cuellar included, have issues with the money. what are they saying about the emergency funds? >> well, what we're seeing from some of these democratic members of congress who represent border districts is is they are saying that the obama administration is not doing enough. some are saying that they're not doing enough in terms of border patrol. others are saying they're not doing enough on the hu
wells, texas, on our public line -- republican line. , did i mr. kerik understand your crime was not paying social security taxes on an illegal alien that you had hired? guest: yes, sir. some of them, yeah. that is amazing that that could be a felony. i never would have believed that it guest: -- believed that. guest: take my word for it. caller: it sounds like somebody up in our had a personal grudge against you to prosecute you for that when there are politicians taking bribes that are never prosecuted. for example, senator robert torres celli took bribes. the person who bribed him, i understand, was prosecuted, but the senator got off. so, somebody wanted to take care of him, but the criminal was briber, the brider -- not the person bribed. host: let's leave it there. bernard kerik, do politics play a role in conviction? guest: they are not supposed to, but the reality is they do. there are selective prosecutions all of the time in this country, and you would have to be blind to say there is not. there is. be it politically selective, personally selective, it happens. it i
the fine print. >> and president versus perry. the president says if the texas delegation can move on it, we can have more agents as the governor requested. what is your take on the president tossing the ball into governor perry's court? >> well, he's been reticent, shall we say, to work with the president. but i think the president is reaching out once again, saying we have a problem here, let's get it done. and i think the republican party so far has not been very receptive of the olive branch. >> and ron, i want to give you the last word. >> well, the president was playing pool in colorado. not accepting the impact of this crisis. rick perry said come, meet with me, and what happened was finger pointing and politics. this is a crisis, and the president has to take charge. >> finger pointing all around. aren't we sick of it? thanks, both of you. >> thank you. >>> back to the middle east. that's where israel's military continues to fire back at hamas. trying to stop the barrage of rockets coming from the strip. a top former israeli official joins us with his take, next. [ male announcer
into mexico at the guatemalan border. but shortly after she crossed the river into texas, she was arrested and brought to a detention center, joining dozens of other mothers and children. to cope with the tens of thousands of central americans like petrona, the government flew her and about 00 others to arizona, then drove them to the border center in california to be fingerprinted, have their picture taken, and give. notice to appear in court. she's released on her own recognizance. "i'm almost there," she tells her husband using a borrowed cell phone. he's living in washington state, where she's now heading. he sent her money to buy the ticket. and she and rudy board the greyhound for the 38-hour trip north. >> not in marietta! not in marietta! >> reporter: protesters say they don't want the influx of undocumented immigrants to come and burden their town. but petrona and all the other undocumented immigrant wes've met meth are headed to other cities across america, absorbed into the north, the midwest, and east. what if america makes you go back? "ly never go back," she says. her son wou
on republicans for failing to act. and under fire for his decision not the visit the texas border, he's asking for $3.7 billion from congress. a situation that has turned into a political and humanitarian crisis for the president. here's our panel. mary, you followed the issue for years. immigration to the united states. what is behind this influx of children? >> well, you have push and pull factors. so, from central america, lots of crime and violence. and that's well-documented. general kelly wrote a piece for the military times this week, saying the effect of the war on drugs there has created chaos and a breakdown of institutions there. and the pull factor, an asylum opportunity that children have because of a law passed in 2008 during the bush administration, bipartisan. saying that children arriving here, claiming they need asylum, are entitled to a hearing. and that can take up to two years. so, they know if they get here, they can stay for some period of time while they await their hearing. >> and children from mexico and canada have to be sent back. this is a law trying to stop human
this country. i'll be talking to a texas congresswoman who spent time on the border about the white house plan to stem the tide. >>> also, a new fight for voters' rights. right now a push to block north carolina's new voter i.d. law. critics say it will keep african-americans and even young voters from the polls. talked to one attorney who's leading the charge. >>> and enda. the employment nondiscrimination act. it's been making the rounds in congress for decades now. still hasn't been passed. some of the backers say they now want to pull their support. we'll talk to enda's early sponsor, former congressman barney frank. >>> and the flipped classroom. a new teaching method is turning the traditional classroom on its head. that is today's big idea. >>> good afternoon to you all. i'm t.j. holmes in today for mr. craig melvin. we're going to start with a developing story. the united nations security council just a short while ago called for an end to the violence between israel and palestinians in gaza. take a quick listen. >> the security council members called for de-escalation of the situation
you were upset with was when he did not up to the border when he was in texas. when you see him on the 24th are you going to tell him to go back to the border? >> i think you should. he should own this. he's the president of the united states of america. the world is looking at us. you know something? it is a moment to show just how -- it is hard to see those kids, right? i believe if he went down there -- here's what i believe. america is much more generous and has a greater faith in itself than we are giving the radical extremists out there that are demagogueing. >> congressman, you met with the president last march of the house was trying to get legislation passed. it has failed. what did the president tell you last night? >> we have a resolution in which we condemned the president for the deportations. he called and said before you get that resolution and presented, would you come down at 5:00 and see the president? when the president of the united states calls you, of course you do for action. i don't believe in condemning people to make cheap political points. we went to g
action that this situation merits. >> the president did not go to the border during his trip to texas this week. but he did meet with texas governor rick perry. he says the president has the ability to stop this crisis at the border with mexico. >> he can pick up the phone to the d.o.d. if we start securing the border, all of the issues that are facing us begin to diminish. >> but the president believes that a longer-term situation will be sending -- more than 1,000 national guard troops. >> thank you. >>> and with congress reluctant to open the checkbook, can they solve this crisis? we'll have a panel in about ten minutes to talk about this. >>> meantime, the air attack in gaza. the israeli military attacking a mosque. palestinians say more than 125 people have been killed this week. john, what's going on? >> first off i want to start with an alert from the israeli defense force saying rockets were fired from gaza at israel. two rockets struck bethlehem, well north of gaza. we'll keep you posted about that. but usually the way this works, the israeli air force counters with air strik
is currently the executive director in the office of the provost at texas a&m university. thank goodness that johnny mann zeal -- manziel was finally picked in the draft because i was worried that we were going to lose a commentator, to be honest. ira said, you should get a leading scholar from history and a leading scholar from another discipline. and we have those scholars with us today as well. david farber is a professor of modern american history at temple university. he is author of a lot of books, and even more very influential articles. some of his most recent books are "everybody ought to be rich." and "rise and fall of modern american conservatism." thank you for joining us today, david. commenting last, but certainly not least, is melani mcalister, who is an associate professor of american studies, international affairs, and media and public affairs and she is also the chair of her department, american studies, at george washington university. melani is the author of epic encounters, culture, media, and the u.s. interest in the middle east since 1945. she is also the coeditor
from central america flood into the u.s. when the president stopped in texas this week, he said, he doesn't need to get a firsthand look. >> this is not theater. this is a problem. i'm not interested in photo ops, but i'm interested in solving the problem. >> that decision is not sitting well with folks, even members of the party says the president is making a big mistake. >> i think it's a mistake. i probably -- a significant mistake. i think the public expects the president to show up at these moments. >> pat bucanan weighing in on that, and who sees the crisis firsthand every day? hear from a border patrol agent on the growing humanitarian crisis at the border. the president blames the immigration impasse on congress, but some say he has himself to blame. >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for five and a half years. when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> we'll get the latest on the immigration showdown. get a load of these numbers, one husband, one wife, six children, all in a 40-foot rv for more than 6,000 miles. we're goin
with the president's decision not to go to the border when he was in texas earlier? >> it was a president who told us that jay johnson would be going to the border for the sixth time. he said he is the one who has been keep him apprised, among other white house officials, about what's going on there. their focus is to get a message out. you heard it again from jay johnson when he was down there on the border. they're sending a message to parents don't send your children here. we're going to send them back and it's too dangerous. they're talking about the billion dollars that the president has proposed to deal with the crisis on the border. they're saying to the republican, you need to move forward on this. particularly with the republi n republicans in the house. but there's been tremendous pushback. several top republicans said this isn't going to happen. they're talking about a change to that 2000 law. that's the law that the administration is applying when deciding who has to stay and who has to go back. that's going to be a point construction as we move forward on the hill, a lex. >> thanks so m
] you.ank we appreciate it. -- i'm fromank austin, texas. we pride ourselves on life music. it after last nights show, i who's king. i'm delighted to be here today to talk with all of you about the most critical issues we face as a nation. that is the battle for talent. governor fallin, thank you for your leadership on the nga's initiative on workforce and education and congratulations on the progress you will have made in oklahoma. with your dashboard, you are providing a powerful example of how states can address the disconnect between supply and demand. with ok job match come you're helping show states how to improve the way job seekers are matched to jobs based on skills and competency, not just on job descriptions and resumes. it is leading-edge. i would like to recognize colorado as well for doing a great job with the blueprint that ties together agencies, businesses, education and workforce development. that kind of approach will be crucial to attacking the workforce challenges ahead and is exciting to see the progress being made. i want to wish you a bit further today on the
it in the book. i was abused as a young kid, 8 years old. my mom moved to texas and when we got to texas she got locked up and i was in a foster home and abused by a young lady that was there. something i never talked about. i talked about it with my wife. my mom didn't even know. when i wrote the book i talk about it and a lot of my family members found out about it's only then. so writing this book, i had a ghost writer that wrote the book so you are talking a lot of full conversations, tape-recorded conversations to atlanta. it was almost like on long caps being able to remove my whole life. i start to where i am today. i have a great opportunity to cleanse myself of a lot of things i held in. a lot of things other people did know about and did very well. it was good for me, good therapy for me to do the book. c-span: >> i will take your question too because the memoir has a kind of cathartic release and you find yourself facing some things you would not ordinarily face and one of them i have to tell you, when i was having my son in hospital in brooklyn which i will not name, the night before
to note that as the president did in texas the other day that we have a short-term crisis that we have to deal with right away, but it's a long-term problem. so you got to do both. and so some of the things that we're asking governments to do relate to the short term and other things we've got to do with them in the long term to invest in strategies that work to make opportunities for these families and these children. but right now we also have to do things that send messages that say do not send your children on this journey. it is dangerous, and it is , and these smugglers lie to you and your children. they profit from your miseries . we also know that we work with these countries to make sure that when we return people, right now whether those are adults or families, soon mothers or adult members of family with their children, we send the message that says it doesn't work. and governments are working with us, getting them out of homes to say that we will work with you on your situation here, and we will help those governments repatriate their citizens and work on the integration pr
, while he asks american taxpayers for $3.7 billion more to deal with the illegals. count this texas mom out. >> it is not right. not billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the white house to help feed and house them. what about [bleep] kids here in our neighborhood, in our country? not just in this neighborhood but in our country! all these kids, really? why can't they go back. i'm sorry that the parents are in poor conditions or surroundings, whatever is going on there, i don't care. i care about what's going on here in my own background, my neighborhood. >> what the heck is going on. president obama lame duck president or lame president. >> well, eric, you know, him going down to the border, making a big deal about that, i don't see what -- you can walk down there, see people streaming around the border. him going there doesn't change anything. i don't know if he is wasting time going there. what he should be doing is doing something about it. people talk about immigration reform. they have no idea what that means. you ask somebody, immigration reform, the press, what does that
the equivalent of new york state in the last decade to the food stamp rolls, it is now about new york and texas combined. what is the problem here? what's wrong? what do you think is the fix. >> the main problem, the president's economic policies have been terrible. i think what you need to take from this, the big picture, if you go back to what a real recovery is in the mid '80s, the average person was on food stamps for six months. today, after four years of the obama recovery, the average person is on food stamps nine months. that tells you all you need to know about how bogus president obama's economic policies are. >> you know, rick, here's the issue. the rate of growth is what we're talking about, growing faster than gdp, we have been through economic down turns, but it is a real explosion in food stamps. should we bring back work requirements? >> look at what's different. everybody wants to blast by the real reason for the extraordinary growth. people that work at walmart, ladies and gentlemen, don't make enough money, and therefore under up getting food stamps. coincidentally, whose the
as a first lady moving into the white house because he was a journalism major at the university of texas. in fact, when she wanted to -- it would be involved with her beautification project. he called her old journalism professor and said, do you have anybody that you might recommend to come out and work for me? and he had the perfect person, and she got on the train. as she was there through the johnsons time. and we still see here at lots of johnson events. she was an invaluable. that journalism degree. she was not, she considered the press, they were friends. they did lots of trips together. they followed her onto the space program. and just added so much to her life as she did to theirs. >> technology, the new technology in the white house. we had a little snafu with i-phones going into the first state dinner. so technology is interesting in how it is used with the first lady and with folks going into the white house. you can generally take pictures, but for some state dinners we have folks check their iphones. and we cannot get pictures out prior to what we want to release. which i
destroyed another bakery and that is why you should go with the texas road house which is up 20% again in one year. >> and what do you say? >> well, it had a split stock, brenda, so stay away from this one, brenda. >> and neil is next. >>> big things of letting d.c. spend more of this, and do you see anything wrong with any of this? i'm neil cavuto, and congress is in slow motion to find a solution for the v.a. and shock of shocks. now they are calling for the speeding things up, but guess how? by bringing back ear mamarks tot it all on spending, and pork spending or targeted spending and still green and we don't ask, and still a problem that has pretty much everyone here seeing red. ben stein and david mcdowell are back along with charles payne and adam lashinsky and we have -- where idaho, he is coming back? >> well, i was in idaho. >> it is one of the live reports, and we were taking the over/under whether he was going to be mowed down, but he will be back next week. all right. let's speak about this charles payne, and here we go again. >> yes. >> and now, maybe sh, the earma
sandy babies in new jersey, hurricane ike babies in texas. in 2005 parts of florida had a mini baby boom after charlie, francis, ivan and jean hit the area the year before. a study from byu and johns hopkins look at the, quote, fertile the effect of catastrophe. researchers found a spike in pregnancies especially in case where is areas were moderately impacted by hurricanes but still livable. advertisers have had fun with the theory. hyundai's new world cup ad shows if a team scores so do their fans. [♪ music ] here's hoping a new generation of soccer fans will come from this one. coming up we'll keep up the soccer talk 15 years after the u.s. victory of the women's world cup. germany and argentina's men take center stage in brazil on >> on tech know, imagine getting the chance to view the world. >> the brain is re-learning how it sees again >> after decades in the dark, >> i couldn't get around on my own >> a miraculous bionic eye... >> i'm seeing flashes >> great >> tech know, every saturday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even t
the commerci commercial. thank you. texas may be oil-rich, but the cash-in gang say it is mighty rich in texas. what have you got? >> well, having too much fun to go to the border? we have a look at how the president is handling the expand ing problem and how much it will cost can the fix it. the cashin' in gang is coming up at 11:30. >>> should dining ban all cell phones? thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose! >>> coming up, before you chow down, you better put that phone down or you may not get served. >>> and crumbs may have expired, but >>> hello, miranda? >> well, what if i told you that one restaurant is trying to trademark no tech tuesday. it is going to ban technology from its restaurant. and tracy, you say that everyday should be no text. >> and we have a no tech bill, a and if you reach for it, you have to pay for the bill. and unfortunately, i get stuck with it every time. and don't play games or anything, and
to stop texting during the previews. reeves claims he fired in self-defense. >>> and the texas man charged with capital murder in the killing of four children and their parents collapses in front of a judge. ronald haskell was standing before a judge during arraignment when he fell to his knees. haskell was apparently looking for his ex-wife wednesday when he allegedly shot six members of her family execution style. the defense says they will focus on haskell's mental health. and no word why he collapsed. haskell is being held without bail. >>> and in a rare public appearance, former cuban leader fidel castro greeted russian president vladimir putin. putin was in cuba to promote russian trade with the communist nation that remains cut off from the u.s. because of washington's 52-year-old economic embargo and putin will also visit argentina and brazil for bilateral talks. >>> and finally, 30-year-old kayla riley says her 4-year-old son eli saved her life when she was having a diabetic seizure in her indiana home and was unresponsive. listen to this. the pregnant mother of three says that wh
, thousands of undocumented immigrants are flooding across the u.s. border into texas. that is a crisis that many say needs swift political action. >> governor perry is out there pushing him looking like he's on the offense on this issue. look, obama needs to just get in there and say, here's how we need to change that 2008 law that helped spark this crisis. but so far, nothing. >> yeah. a lot of criticism on the fact that president obama has not even visited the border since this crisis has erupted. our political insider says president obama is missing the mark and that needs to happen to fix things. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> let's. it is the weekend a lot of people without door plans. these are your highs for today. a range of 60s along the coast and up to 90 degrees in our warmest inland locations. it's going to be even warmer tomorrow and then warmer still on monday. then we are going to see some clouds moving in and temperatures cooling throughout the rest of the week. >> i love this idea. looking for friends for your dog? well, now there's an app for that, too. it'
the it is a new, temporary location a texas boy had to be rescued the beaumont fire department says the four year old locked himself inside a safe at a meat market yesterday afternoon. apparently the boy was in the storeroom and accidentally closed the safe door. firefighters used a special saw and the "jaws of life" to free him. it took about a half-hour. the boy was taken to a local hospital and was unharmed. police in belmont are investigating a series of package thefts that happened earlier this week. the and merit this is just a recent gradual way ec pga crew still on the scene. you're looking at where the fire actually sparked. it's on the northern portion of marsh creek road. pg&e crews will be here throughout the day. there are essentially in mode right now that the fire spread about hundred and 25 a. and is now 70 percent contained. they say that it all started when a driver of a car with four people inside for some reason lost control of the car. there were only minor injuries in the crash. it quickly spread the five drybrush in flames. the crews are arriving very quickly. >>: when we a
to remain in the country. a claim that president reiterated during his visit to texas wednesday. >> their parents need to know that this is an incredibly dangerous situation. and it is unlikely that their children will be able to stay. >> that's cold comfort to the parents who already know that incredibly danls situation is why their children left in the first place. a widely cited survey of 404 unaccompanied minors found that no less than 58% of the children were forcibly displaced because they suffered or faced harms that indicated a potential or actual need for international protection, and on wednesday, the new york times described the extent of those harms in gruesome detail. children tortured, beaten, shot, and killed in a surge of gang violence that the times concluded is a major factor driving the recent wave of migration of central american children to the united states. it's what has prompted the u.n. to push the tous recognize the children -- u.s. to recognize the children as we recognize in others in search of security in a foreign land as refugees. the u.n.'s design
? >> because right here in texas, report after report is coming out about the mismanagement of the facilities that are already established. the yoerovercrowding. the lack of proper medical, health and mental health screening. the fact that the people's identities are not exactly -- they're not -- they're not properly identified, and when they're left, when they leave, and their bused into communities, they're not tracked after that. we've gotten reports of many of these detention centers that have 1,000 come in the front door, and 600 leave out the back, and where do they go? well, they're going into our communities. >> so what do you propose is the answer? i mean, is this is just about money? and just about resources? because at the end of the day, there are a lot of people looking at this saying, these are children who are alone, who are frightened, who have no idea what's going on, or where to go. >> well, i want to remind you that unaccompanied minors are about 20% of the total numbers that we're seeing in detention on the border. so as in governments, we have to look at 100% of the probl
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